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Why solid surface bathtub are more and more popular?

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With the continuously improvement of people’s living standards,people are more and more pursuit high quality,comfortable and eco-friendly life style. Bathroom products are the most important part of our daily life.Solid surface soaking bathtub will be the best choice for you enjoying a relaxing bath after a busy day at work.


Plastic acrylic,cast iron,artificial stone, it is the 3 kinds of bathtub material that compare mainstream on the market at present.


Plastic acrylic tub

This kind of material with light weight,rich styling and the price is more affordable,but the problem was plastic tubs do not retain heat,some low quality materials will be easy to scratch,sometime will crack over time.


Cast iron

This kind of bathtub is made of cast iron,the surface is covered with enamel, the thickness of the bathtub is relatively thick, the bathtub appearance is smooth and easy to clean,but the weight is high,can not provide thermo-retentive properties.The design and styles are rather limited.


Solid surface

It is the highest end bathtub on the market at present.It is made of resin,high quality aluminum powder and other materials casting and polishing.Solid suface stone resin bathtub is non-toxic and non-radiation.The high quality solid surface material prossesses products with strong impact strength,abrasive resistance,antisepsis properties ,ensuring it can not cause color fading and will never crack natuarally.


Since bathrooms are spaces that we use everyday, designing them to suit our personal style is important. Practicality and durability are more important. Modern,classic,minimalism,retro style etc... So no matter what kinds of style you want,solid surface materials can meet your requirement.Let you enjoy every moment of relaxing and comfortable bath.


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