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MUNK has been awarded the Red Dot Award : Product Design 2022!

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March 11st, 2022, we are delighted to announce that MUNK Vintage Collection Solid Surface Bathtub has been awarded the red dot award for product design. This accomplishment is a reflection true to our core advantage that Design, Quality, and Service are the core advantages of MUNK development in the recent 15 years. Thanks to the Italian original designing team, provide a nice, simple but fashionable look for MUNK products. This is also a kind of special respect to all our MUNK customers. And this award is a clear sign that hard work pays off!


About the Vintage Solid Surface Bathtub

This project sees itself as a reinterpretation of the old-style bathtub with modern lines, inviting users to experience both forms. As such, it is an elegant composition composed of two main parts, the colours of which can be chosen separately. In addition, the "structure" of this freestanding bathtub also has a dual function. It insulates the tub body from the floor and can, at the same time, be used as a towel holder.

This bathtub inspires with an elegant appearance that combines oldfashioned approaches with modern lines.


The Red Dot - a mark of quality for good design

Winning is the beginning - The competition winners benefit from increased visibility of their design accomplishments. With the Red Dot, they receive a mark of quality that is now known to consumers in addition to industry experts and that is associated with good design all over the globe. The Red Dot winner label is the point of departure for the individual success story. It is perfectly suited to communications about products and quality, about innovation and corporate values - both online and offline.

Details on the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022

In 2022, designers, design offices and manufacturers from around 60 countries entered products in the Red Dot Award: Product Design. Following the motto "In search of good design and innovation", the 48 international members of the Red Dot Jury assessed each product entered professionally, individually and comprehensively. Only those products that won over the experts with their outstanding design quality won a distinction. The award-winning companies set new standards in the design industry with their entries. The winners include major well-known brands as well as newcomers that are more than able to compete with the big players.

Quote by Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot, on this year's competition

"In this year of the competition, I have been particularly struck by the exceptional creativity shown by the award-winning products. It is really impressive and praiseworthy that there are still designs out there that can surprise us with their form and functionality. This makes it clear that design cannot be restricted or brought to a standstill by unfavourable circumstances. On the contrary: more and more new ideas and creations emerge, and futuristic techniques are developed. The fact that the quality of these products equals their level of innovation makes them well-deserved winners in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022."


The Red Dot Jury 2022

This year's Red Dot jury has 48 members. They come from 23 countries. What they all have in common is their design expertise, which they have accumulated during their careers as professors, consultants, industrial designers or journalists.


In conclusion, thanks a lot for our Italian Design Team and Red Dot Jury! Winning is the beginning.

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