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(1) One-Stop purchasing

MUNK provides a wide range of freestanding bathtubs. With big series product matching, can save time, energy, and money for customers.

(2) Strong research and development

  ● Most of the MUNK products are original and patented.

  ● For customization, we have a professional deepening team and a strong ability for new product development.

  ● For engineering, we have the service qualification for high-end engineering projects and real estate companies.

(3) Professional foreign trade team

Our foreign trade team has nearly 20 years of work experience.

We are the customer first, including dealing with the pre-sale, sale, and after-sales professional problems. Free warranty for solid surface cracking. Free accessories replacement for faucet leakage. After-sales service has been the top priority of MUNK.


● MUNK faucets and bathroom accessories have rich color customized, like matte black, white and golden, etc.

● For some regional market customers’ comfortable experiences of requesting rapid filling bathtub water, MUNK provides a kind of big volume cartridge in the faucet which can reach 24L/Min under 0.3MPa water pressure and 30L/min under 0.5MPa water pressure.

● Wall-mount design faucets are often used in interior design, MUNK has a full range of wall-mount basin mixers, shower mixers and bathtub mixers etc, offers a very easy installation way.

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Faucet Manufacturing Process


Feature of Bathroom Faucet

1. MUNK faucets use ceramic cartridges.

High hardness and strong wear resistance and safe non-toxic; The 1000HV, is just next to the diamond. Guarantee 500,000 times lifetime. 

MUNK select globally famous brand of ceramic cartridge: France CICE, Hungary KEROX, Spanish SEDAL, Italy STSR, France VERNET, Italy HYDROPLAST and domestic cartridges.

2. Material of MUNK Faucet

The main material of the MUNK faucet is HPB59-1 and HP62 brass:

● Brass is the best conductor of water, not easy to produce harmful substances;

● Brass material is very easy to process;

● HP59 can reach the requirements of processing hardness;

● The lead content in HP59 and HP62 is very low and can reach industry standards.

3. Electronic plating of MUNK faucets: 5 layers

● Total thickness is 35.25um

● Copper plating is for improving the following plating layer’s adhesive force;

● The nickel layer is very important and should be thick enough to protect the product not easily rusting.

● Chrome plating is for improving the surface hardness, wear resistance, anticorrosion, etc. And this makes a nice color.

Above is the Chinese national standard, we also make European standard. 

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Application of Bathroom Faucet

Faucets have a wide range of applications. For example, common applications include hotels, households, homestays, apartments, suites, villas, gymnasiums, beauty salons, hospitals, offices, schools, etc. Faucets can be used in all these application scenarios. They’re durable, corrosion-resistant, require a minimal amount of care, and can withstand high-temperature settings. Brass faucets are a perfect option for those who looking to save on expenses but not sacrifice function or quality.

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